Russell Westbrook Was Elected Regular Season MVP

15. listopadu 2017 v 2:47
NBA annual awards ceremony held today in New York, the Thunder star Russell Westbrook was elected 2016-17 season regular season MVP. When he came to the award-winning speech, Westbrook showed the tender side.

Westbrook is the NBA's fashionable people, before the start of each game, Westbrook's arena when the dress is a big surprise. But at today's ceremony, Westbrook was wearing a very formal, white shirt and a blue tie, simple and clean

After taking office, Westbrook first in accordance with the practice of preparation in advance of the manuscript thanks to a crowd, including the Thunder, coaching staff, staff, teammates and Thunder fans.

When Westbrook put down the manuscript and was ready to thank his family, the Titanic on the pitch was finally unable to control his emotions.

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