Prosinec 2017

The Bavarian government's funding

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The outbreak of world war ii brought an unprecedented disaster to Auto Union. Auto Union all workshop has become important military factory Forza Motorsport 7 Credits during world war ii, the late by the inevitable bombing and serious damage, and near the end of the war years were the U.S. and the Soviet occupation. During the period, only the DKW factory survived. It was not until 1949 that Auto Union was reestablished under the Bavarian government's funding.

Today, "Audi Tradition", Audi's legacy division, claims to have five original Auto Union cars in the world. Most of these cars have gone through the ups and downs, and it's not easy to survive, and it has become a collector's eye. If you unlock the 1939 Auto Union Type D in "Forza Motorsport 7", take care and maintain it.

I have a certain basis for steering

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In fact, in some hardcore racing simulation games (such as Live for speed), there's a virtual driver's license. You have to use a car to drive a certain amount of speed in these "software" to get official recognition and give a different level of license. This "driving test" is not "fun" at all.

Speaking of driver's license, in my opinion, the experience of racing games is helpful for me to get my driver's license FM7 Credits. At the very least, I have a certain basis for steering, and I won't be afraid to look at the steering wheel. The student driver, the coach said my way feeling is good, for the first time walk eight bending will be able to find the best route, and at the same time some of the other students, may even drive in the driving simulation driving device is bad.

Durant became the key to the team's success

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After the Christmas war, there was a growing chorus of voices about durant's inclusion in the best defensive lineup. Durant played a fantastic performance against lebron James in the victory over the cavaliers. As an opponent, James also spoke highly of durant's defensive performance: "he's definitely one of the best players in this field. Even if it's not the best, Leonard LOLGA is the only one who can stabilize him."

Durant not only won the game, but also won the match against James on the data. Durant had 25 points, seven rebounds and two steals and five blocks. James had only 20 points and six assists, but he had seven turnovers. Why let durant go to James instead of someone else to defend durant? Cole replied: "he [durant] wanted to defend James, and he volunteered to take on this difficult task."

James has been the league's first man for years, but durant challenged him to victory in the finals last year, and then triumphed in the Christmas war. Especially in the last 25.4 seconds he defended James and became the key to the team's success. "I like to play against the same position, small forward is supposed to defend small forward." "Durant said. In addition to the perimeter defense, durant is a good defensive player. At the moment, he is second in the cap with 2.3 caps, and he has had at least two blocked shots in the past nine games, and he has had more than four caps in six games in December.

News of the WeGame game platform

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WeGame platform will face the global game developers and Chinese players, to create a one-stop game service platform. With the news of the WeGame game platform soon after the official release, Tencent officially announced the Chinese independence Rocket League Crates of steam super popular sports online games Rocket League, but also caused the vast number of game media and players heated discussion. In April 2017, Tencent announced it would fully upgrade its gaming platform Tencent Games Platform and renamed WeGame.

Users actively through Twitch, YouTube spread "Rocket League". Corey said Psyonix in the traditional marketing, did not spend a penny, basically is Twich, YouTube, cross promotion and so on. Reddit community. Reddit to Rocket League help also very big, especially PS4 Reddit on the Rocket League beta period of publicity, dissemination efforts. The host also started to experience the game with Psyonix's beta keys because he saw the information on Reddit's Rocket League. Video is popular. Twitch was not established in 2008 and YouTube is not as influential as it is now.

The luxury car market

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A supercar is about pedigree. Old Money, even if it has developed a prototype of only a shape, is more popular than the upstart model FM7 Credits. So, even better than in the luxury car market is liking the BMW mercedes-benz for many years, in the field of ultra run no lamborghini ferrari, porsche and so on traditional manufacturers, let alone those five big three thick American car.

Performance cars in the United States, always give a person a kind of "big feet down", in the shell of ugly, often hides an extremely violent performance: power, large displacement and large, these are synonymous with high-performance cars in the United States, like "Fast and Furious" inside the car.

The Cavaliers were given the first round

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Irving is like a bowl, was sent to the Celtics by the Cavaliers, but in exchange for a bunch of "hematopoiesis" things. The Cavaliers were given the first round of the 2020-year signing of Little Thomas, Claude, Japan, the Nets, and the Miami Heat in the Owen transfer event. Crevelands indeed can look to the future and carry out appropriate reconstruction work. LeBron James will be at the age of 33 next year and is likely to issue a "decision three".

After Claude and Japanese first stepped into the Cleveland Cavaliers, the two men had been formally involved in the early pre-season training of the Cavaliers team James had formed. James has been very pleased with the Cavaliers ' move this summer, and James is particularly keen on Claude, by the prospect that the lucky Claude may even be able to start his new season as partner James, according to the insider.

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27-year-old Claude played the role of flank defender at Celtic last season, the Cavs, Jr Smith, who played in this position last season, have proved that the "nerve knife" JR did not perform well in the team, but that the Cavaliers were not available except for him, and after Irving had gone, The Cavaliers ' offensive firepower has been greatly reduced and JR Smith will be more involved in the attack during the new season.

The Islamic Jihad is a pioneer of Hezbollah

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Golden State coach Steve Kerr has always been one of the most prestigious figures in sport, specifically for Trump's policy, and in particular his proposal to ban travelers and refugees from six Muslim majority countries. "I just said that as a family member is a victim of terrorist victims, lost my father if we try to eliminate the people coming to this country to fight terrorism, really contrary to the principles of our country on the creation and fear Was the wrong way, "Kerr, his father Malcolm, in 1984, when he was the president of the American University of Beirut was killed by two gunmen.

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The Islamic Jihad is a pioneer of Hezbollah and later claimed responsibility for murder. "If there is anything, we can breed anger and horror, so I totally object to what happened." Asked by Stephen Curry, two of the most valuable players and team faces, when he was asked to respond to the chief executive of the chief sponsor "Under Armor", he expressed his feelings, that is, Pu on the country "is a real wealth". Reserve guard Shawn Livingston was in a radio interview in February. "I really think my opinion will not let me not visit," he said. "Just now everything happened, I just do not agree that a lot of things happen.

The most popular game elements

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Rocket League has one to four players assigned to each of the two teams, using rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into their opponent's goal and score points over the course of a match. And with the coming of Christmas Day and New Year, LOLGA company starts the following activities for the customers who are interested in rocket League and purchase rocket League products.

The success of the Rocket Alliance also benefited from its innovative gameplay. This game will be the most popular game elements "car" and "ball" in the perfect fusion, this idea is both unexpected and reasonable, can be described as unique. In the aspect of electricity competition, the rocket league performance is more eye-catching.

Not only attracted the G2 esports such as the joining of the competing giants, as well as "big Shark" O ' Neal, such as sports superstar investment team to join the competition, so far has set up North America, Europe, Oceania three division. In the game, the player rides the shape hundred changes the vehicle to carry on the ball game.

The great Rocket League goals

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NVIDIA GeForce Experience's play optimization settings allow users to easily set the right graphics for their system with the click of a button and enjoy the game right away. It also supports recording and uploading great Rocket League goals, streaming matches, and capturing and sharing screenshots. The event will be held until June 30, 2017, or until limited inventory is exhausted.

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In March 2016, Psyonix announced the first Rocket League Championship Series; the finals took place;In August 2016 with a $55,000 prize pool. The second season of the championship series took place;In December 2016 with a $125,000 prize pool. A third series began in March 2017, with the $300,000 prize pool finals taking place. Three months later. It is a wonderful games, attracting a large number of E-sports enthusiasts.

Players can drive to the stadium

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The battle car is the predecessor of the Rocket League. In the Playstation 3, which was released in 2008, the combat car model is basically single-player mode, and the media is not interested. It attracted only a small group of passionate players, but it never broke. However, Psyonix was sure that it had something special and started to follow up. The initial concept of a combat car has some unusual directions. For example, in an open world, players can drive to the stadium to play. "We're trying to determine what we need to do to make this work better," hargewood said. "

We quickly realized that some of the ideas were out of reach, or a little crazy. So ultimately we don't want to change because we think it's going to be a very successful game." Let's polish what we have, keep that core, and build the best experience on the basis of the game." LOLGA is a game trading company that has been with us for seven years.We serve many game enthusiasts day and night, giving players a lot of pleasure.We have a professional service team. From the moment you place the order, we will work tirelessly to ensure that the goods are delivered within 15 minutes (except for special cases).

The first orange tab

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If you purchased a retail version and updated the game before playing the game, you will not notice these minor changes. Formerly known as "downloadable content", the first orange tab you see in the left menu is now called "exhibition hall". It still has the same purpose as before; now, you can look at the cost of paying you in rotating 3D and the preview of the decal.

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Players will use the driver's perspective

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In order to take care of the performance of old XBOXONE and XBOXONE S, "Forza Motorsport 7" actually did not enhance ambient light shading effects, but instead used an ingenious method to improve the effect of the rain. We found that "Forza Motorsport 7" is generally more gloomy than the extreme speed 6. "Forza Motorsport 7" has improved the ambient light mask effect by adjusting the lighting and contrast of the rain scene. This is a good way to solve the problem of "Forza Motorsport 6".

"Forza Motorsport 7" will appear as "floating" as "Forza Motorsport 6" if the weather is not cloudy. As a real racing game, I believe a lot of players will use the driver's perspective FM7 Credits in the game. Forza Motorsport 7 "goes with a professional steering wheel to get the best sense of substitution. This requires the game to have a high level of reduction of the driver's view of the vehicle.

The flexible footsteps good at breaking

16. prosince 2017 v 7:28
Harden is the only player in the season to enter the best player, which makes him in the summer to get a maximum of 4 years total $ 168 million contract. Last summer, Harden and the Rockets re-signed a four-year $ 118 million contract, the contract so that he at least until the Rockets to 2018-19 season. The next two seasons, Harden's contract worth 58.7 million US dollars.

James Harden strong body, flexible footsteps good at breaking, like to use the back jumper instead of backwards. Overall see Harden is a good pitcher, in the distance jumper performance in general. Harden is the most powerful breakthrough LOLGA, he has Manu Ginobili outside the best of the European steps, in the confrontation to complete the shot, but also smart manufacturing body contact, in the breakthrough to take the initiative to contact the opponent to get the whistle.

Bayern players vidal is also very clear

15. prosince 2017 v 2:27
The Spanish newspaper marca reported, after bayern eliminated by real Madrid, carlo ancelotti to uefa expressed dissatisfaction, he believes in the uefa champions league quarter-final this important event, uefa should be sent to a higher level of referees, moreover also should put video judge system. Bayern players vidal is also very clear, is to judge out bayern, made at a loss of real Madrid in the race to qualify.

It is worth mentioning that bayern who said these words, the distance from the end of the game has more than 20 minutes, and it is reported that more than after bayern players broke into the lounge by the referee before they attacked the referee disciplinary in the game. The Spanish newspaper marca LOLGA, also confirmed the news. Lead is bayern levante paderewski, tiago and vidal, in the mixed zone, and also there is no denying the fact that vidal. Referee room atmosphere was very nervous at that time, the players and the referee to roar, even mixed with a variety of swear words.

To synthesize legendary players

14. prosince 2017 v 2:13
"Retro" is one of the ways to win new players, and every time you get involved, you have a chance of getting a better new player. "Legend" is the way to win a legendary player. After completing the legendary event, the legendary trophy can be used to synthesize legendary players or related synthetic materials LOLGA.

In "retro" events, the player can rent an elite player with a rating of 88: George hill, with his joining, you'll be more comfortable winning the game! The game only has a short 1 minute, 03 seconds, and the player must take time to complete the game and achieve the requirements. In the NBA live mobile, players can compete with other players and play against them. So how do you play in the NBA live mobile? What about the NBA live mobile?

The ball games in the player

13. prosince 2017 v 2:32
"NBA Live" series of broken again, perhaps EA has been afraid with the "NBA 2K" series of confrontation, or because "NBA Live 16" a variety of wonderful BUG, in short, EA if the heart will be a new perfect build, then heavy Back to the altar will not be a dream LOLGA. As a "gun ball" one of the three games, ball games in the player has been very market, and today we come to talk about one of the most talked about basketball games. Speaking of basketball games, you have to mention the players are very familiar with the "NBA 2K" and "NBA Live" series.

EA's "NBA Live" has been brilliant in the past, but in 2005 encountered Waterloo. 2K Sports's "NBA 2K" to overwhelm the occupation of the basketball game market, "NBA Live" from slump. Now, "NBA Live" series has become a very troublesome problem EA. Fortunately, EA deep, it is their commitment to the reconstruction of "NBA Live" project is an important reason. And the other hand, "NBA 2K", it is not just a professional basketball game market leader, more dominated the meaning of monopoly, this pattern we do not see signs of change in the short term.

The design of the background sound

12. prosince 2017 v 2:22
The design of the background sound in the game is perfect, and the roar of the audience matches the game and the rhythm. At the same time, the detailed sound effects of the game are also handled very well, whether the sound of running back and forth, or the friction sound is very realistic, make the player feel like the scene of an NBA game. In the game, NBA Live Mobile using the classic 5v5 mode, players can choose a team Cheap NBA Live Coins.

A season of fronts final stability Championship, to become the NBA Finals MVP. At the same time, in order to be more authentic, the relevant ability data of the players in the game will be synchronized in real time according to their real performance in the season. Real-time vs. PvP mode is A major feature of NBA Live Mobile. In the game, the player can be the game experience to obtain active or retired legendary star, their own star income under the command.

The scores are quite good

11. prosince 2017 v 2:44
The "Forza Horizon" series of Drivatar systems was first used in "Forza Horizon 5" in 2013. Based on the historical performance of the player's game, driving habits and other data, the Drivatar system can simulate the unique AI of a player. This is universal in the "Forza Horizon" game.

"Forza Horizon 3" will be available in a week, with the Xbox One and the Windows 10 PC. The media rating of the game has been released, and the scores are quite good Forza 7 Credits. "Forza Horizon 3" will go on sale on September 27.

Play the game much better

9. prosince 2017 v 7:53
Madden NFL 18 has a lot of special moves that you can use, some of which are very basic or transfer from NFL 16, NFL 15 and so on. But today we have to talk about the new running in the Madden NFL 18 to provide the new operation so you can use them better, in turn, play the game much better. Also, all nfl fans can buy Madden 18 Coins Xbox from lolga, which is a professional trusted website Madden Mobile Coins.

These are moving and how to use them. When I play Madden NFL 18, I will not often use these actions, because I will not use these actions, but in the end we are different people. So if you want to adjust your Madden NFL 18 game, then as long as you need a review, you can look at those actions. Well, the boy is the time of this month when another EA game has shown the possible script content. With the relationship between FIFA 18 and shadow scripts, Madden NFL 18 may be scripted.

Ronaldo first said it was an unforgettable year

8. prosince 2017 v 2:32
Ronaldo did not accidentally win the "French football" "golden globe" trophy, and after he won the trophy again, he was interviewed by the media. Ronaldo first said it was an unforgettable year.

"I feel very happy, this is a wonderful moment in my career. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, and this year was great, we got the champions league and the la liga trophy, the personal level, I was the top scorer in the champions league The trophy helped me win this award, and I must thank my teammates in Real Madrid and Portugal. It's very important to me."

Is the golden globes a gift for Christmas? "Another baby... No, it's a joke. I will enjoy these children now, four children. I want seven golden globes, seven kids."