Únor 2018

The great spirit

28. února 2018 v 3:26
There are some unique optimization content in Chinese web server of "Rocket League". On the basis of international clothing, Chinese web server has made more humane and perfect reinforcement for the novice boot part. From beginner to advanced training, practice, and the shooting training Rocket League Crates, skills training and air gatekeepers, game gave the novice players the most thoughtful guidance, to reasonable dividing a player from a novice to the great spirit between the growth curve. On this basis, the game also added the ball track line and the air control car and other rookie auxiliary system, to help the novice players to be able to play faster. Chinese web server has perfect novice training. In addition, Chinese web server integrates social and other contents in the game. In the previous Steam version, we still need to rely on third-party software such as Steam to play with friends.

The Chinese web server of Rocket League has a social system built into the game, and we can invite our friends online for fun. Before the game, many people worried about the payment system of Chinese web server. According to the first measurement, you can rest assured. The "Rocket League" of Chinese web server does not make significant changes to the upgrade and payment content. The main growth and payment content of the Rocket League comes from various vehicles and the appearance of spray paint Rocket League Keys. Chinese web server of Rocket League does not have payment items that affect the balance of Numbers and games. According to the current operating direction of the game, this kind of content will affect the life of the game itself and will not appear in the future. Most of the props in the game belong to the appearance class.

The NBA stadium is the home of the players

27. února 2018 v 2:37
"The NBA stadium is the home of the players, the place where they work, the front door of a team, and the players naturally play a higher level when they play in well-equipped and beautiful stadiums." Former NBA commissioner David stern once said the importance of an NBA stadium.

So how important is the NBA stadium to the team? The Seattle supersonics in 2008 was the best example. Was the NBA's Seattle supersonics arena for Seattle government-funded retrofit, the local government did not agree to this requirement, however, after top league and team boss to discuss, decided to Seattle supersonics moved to Oklahoma, team name from supersonic to the thunder now NBA MT Coins. As one of the teams with a deep history of the NBA, the sonics have finally become a history.

Kings is also one of the NBA's oldest teams, although the team after a couple of times to move is rooted in Sacramento, but before sleep train venues disrepair, so the NBA naturally want to Kings exchange venue, otherwise you will get out of the Sacramento Kings.

Anthony Morrow was a shooting guard

26. února 2018 v 3:00
Anthony Morrow is a real marksman with a long body and good athleticism. What he can do to help the team is to make some of our players easier on the offensive end. Anthony Morrow is the best shooter, and the catch is accurate. Like to own the ball, in front of the short opponent to dry out shot; Defense is bad, speed and confrontation suffer. Anthony Morrow is an outside shooting expert, one of the league's best sentinels, and has a poor personal defense capability.

Anthony Morrow was born on September 27, 1985 in Charlotte,North Carolina. He is an American professional basketball player, a shooting guard and now a free agent NBA MT Coins. Anthony Morrow entered Georgia tech in 2004; 2007-08 was selected as the best team in the Atlantic coast league; He entered the NBA in 2008 as a rookie, playing for the warriors, nets, hawks, mavericks, pelicans, thunder and bulls.

James Harden does not want to shoot

24. února 2018 v 2:25
James Harden: a superstar who doesn't want to shoot.
Scott pela has never forgotten a conversation with rockets star James harden. That was in 2005, when they were both at altizia high school in lakewood, calif., and she was a basketball coach, and haden was a sophomore.
"Harden, why don't you shoot?"
"Coach, I don't want people to think I'm selfish."
"If we want to win, you have to shoot."
"No, I don't want to be seen as a bad person."
"Bad guy" is the shadow of harden for a long time. On August 26, 1989, Hayden, who was born in Los Angeles, California, had been hearing from people around him, "don't learn your father, he's a bad man." His father, old haden, a former naval fighter, had been doing nothing since he retired, and instead of taking care of him, he was arrested for several crimes NBA MT Coins.
According to the habits of Americans, if the name of the father and son are the same, the name of the son will add a suffix "Jr.", but not harden in so doing, it makes a lot of fans and reporters, don't know, his father also called James harden. The idea of "not wanting to be seen as a bad person" contributed to harden's growth. "Harden is a good boy," said his mother, Monga. "he is always modest and polite, and wants everyone to agree."

An unusual NBA basketball trip

23. února 2018 v 2:38
Enjoy a pure basketball feast, experience real basketball mobile game, and NBA LIVE brings you an unusual NBA basketball trip. With EA's unique game engine power and the perfect application of MOCAP motion capture technology, every player in "NBA LIVE" has been given a strong degree of accuracy. The cheers in the field, the clapping of basketball against the ground, the crisp sound of a shot, the NBA LIVE brings the original NBA. On November 28, android fire goes online!

Unlike previous basketball games, NBA LIVE USES MOCAP motion capture technology to bring every star to life. There is no stiffness in the movement, and the transitions between different movements are very smooth. "NBA LIVE" USES a virtual joystick to control the direction of the player's action, by default on the lower left part of the game interface, and other controls on the lower right NBA Live Coins. With the switch of attack and defense on the field, the lower right side function keys will automatically switch offensive and defensive controls to meet the fast-paced race process. In addition, all the players' movements are completed by the players during the game, which is the perfect display of pure basketball skills.

The warriors star Stephen Curry won

22. února 2018 v 2:27
On November 6, 2011, Stephen Curry took part in a team led by former golden state player matt Barnes against cancer charity, with the warriors and the 2007 warriors. Curry added 34 points, 13 assists and 12 rebounds to help the warriors beat the 2007 old warriors 158-153. On February 11, 2014, NBA officials announced that golden state warriors guard Stephen Curry won the "kia community assistance award" in January for his efforts to help and promote community building in the San Francisco bay area NBA MT Coins. Curry is reported to have donated $10, 000 to the charity "make-a-wish Greater Bay Area" to help those in need in the Bay Area.

On June 29, 2015, the warriors star Stephen Curry won the BET (Black Entertainment TV allow Black Entertainment television Awards) sports person of the year award (Sportsman of the year) on July 14, 2016, Stephen Curry won the ESPY record of the year award. On July 31, 2016, the 2016 American youth choice awards ceremony was held at the gran center. Stephen Curry won the best male athlete award. On June 4, 2009, the 2009 rookie full test results announced that Stephen Curry was pushing 10 times, and the vertical bounce was the same as griffin's.

the trailing Angle of the ball

20. února 2018 v 3:30
In the Rocket League game, press the triangle button to switch the lens Angle. There are two camera angles in the game, one is the trailing Angle of the car, the other is the ball. If you've been using the point of view of the ball, it's hard to control your own car to hit the ball. But it's hard to see what's going on on the pitch Rocket League Keys if you're just following the eye, so it's important to have a flexible perspective. When the ball is in front of the goal, the game will become chaotic.

The attacking player was desperate to get the ball in, and the defender wanted to get rid of the danger. At that time the door will lead almost everyone. But then you have to hold on, because at this point the defender will often kick the ball into his own door, and the attacker will often help the opponent out Rocket League Items. Because the big home goal/goal is only a short distance, basically no normal person. If you don't have a good Angle, you might as well stay away from them, and maybe they'll help you. But your past is likely to be a mess.

The NBA awards ceremony

19. února 2018 v 3:50
The NBA awards ceremony was held at the basketball city park on Manhattan's 36th harbor. Unlike previous seasons in which the awards were announced, NBA officials have tried to announce the winners of the regular season awards for the first time this year. The award ceremony was broadcast live on TNT and Canadian entertainer drake will host the first annual awards ceremony of the NBA.

Westbrook won the most valuable player award NBA Live Coins. Green won the best defensive player. D 'antoni was named best coach. Harden, westbrook and Leonard were among the finalists. As one of the NBA's biggest awards this season, NBA commissioner Adam silver personally presented the award, and westbrook won. After westbrook won the award, the audience stood up and applauded.

The essential element of a trump team

18. února 2018 v 9:51
The content of this article is an American football, a branch of the rugby world. It doesn't represent the whole sport of rugby. Defense is another philosophy in the game. It can be divided into three parts: anti-running, anti-transmission and charging. The charge can be attributed to the anti-transmission section. The charging is to directly attack your opponent's Quarterback. Quarterback is the offensive core of modern rugby.
An excellent charging player is an essential element of a trump team. The Sack is one of the important data to measure a charging player Madden Coins. I was a Madden player who played for four years. In addition to the 15th anniversary of the series Madden 25 and Madden 15 have not played. But from Madden 07 to Madden 13, I've played it. I won a lot of platinum trophies when I played Madden 13.

Easy items are an important pleasure

17. února 2018 v 7:14
Every team wants to score a lot of goals. Striking a ball with the power of a rocket to propel a small car differs from the foot, however, similar to the concept used, those who played 5 sides will soon be in the house with the main body image, using the ball as an intelligent bounce or hammering the angle of the wall with amazing photos Rocket League Keys. The most important thing is that your controller thickness and analysis curve together become very good, the most important is your control thickness and analysis curve. Easy items are an important pleasure. Your past games will be filled with potholes and vehicles, however, it still feels the best, and many of the hard moves are considered to be better.

You'll check out these delicious kinks right away, how long you can hold on, when to start or back up, and that's a lot of fun for you. Soon you will be moving the car over to a parallel enemy, and then continue to hit a large chunk of the wall, even hit the middle of the juice, and then carry the car to heaven. There's a title in the rocket engine that has the ability to launch a car onto a loose ball on the pitch, but it's like leaving you without any hope. This extremely fast precision is irresistible to the perfect combination of the ball. The Rockets League can make the game a focus. It needs to have a good pattern or rule set, but all goals are rockets based football, have different team sizes, and similar simple rules. The time of the game, like a tedious statistic, did not notice that it made the rocket League very addictive.

The transfer budget must be combined with the operating budget

12. února 2018 v 2:41
FIFA 18's team management: the board expects a club to demand local achievements, intercontinental performance, brand exposure, financial and youth development.

The so-called youth army, which means you should properly train the small players belonging to your own club. It's very simple Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online. You can go to the youth training interface and arrange the ball to explore the ball. But beware, youth training costs money. Therefore, the youth army should be carried out with the financial expectation of the board of directors.

The transfer budget must be combined with the operating budget as a whole. The two are complementary to the finance of the club. The ratio will change as the transfer window opens/closes. The transfer budget is used to buy players from other clubs in the transfer window. And the operating budget is to give the players, staff salaries, youth training and so on, to maintain the daily operation of the club.

The Roman Olympic Stadium

11. února 2018 v 2:51
After the World Cup, Miroslav Klose was undoubtedly unaware of the year, due to want to ensure that the main position in the club to ensure their competitive state can continue to represent the German national team to fight the next international competition and continue their personal break all records into history The first person's ideal, on June 6, 2011, Bayern announced through the official website with the effectiveness of four years to help the team won six championship striker peace break up. Klose in the Bayern period for the team in the league and the Cup finals of the key battle to attack a number of winning goals directly locked four championships, and other achievements by Bayern club official highly sure.

As Klose and Bayern's contract has expired, so the identity of the free agent to join the kind invitation to his Serie A Lazio team FIFA Coins. After leaving Bayern Munich, Klose with a very short time to conquer Lazio. German media said that in the conquest of Kaiserslautern's Fritz Walter stadium, Bremen's Vicente Stadium, Munich's Allianz Arena, "King Milo" is conquering the Aipingin Roman Olympic Stadium. 2012 European Cup before the Klose Unfortunately, muscle strain in the group stage because of the old injury was not cured to be arranged to choose the rotation of the state, but after entering the knockout stage, the coach is certainly more trust experience, at the foot of the delicate skills, ability Comprehensive, strong ability to score, but also for teammates to do the ball and pull out the empty when Klose.

Try the challenge of personal games

9. února 2018 v 2:16
Do you want to improve your ranking in the game The first thing you should do is to collect the money in the game. They are important for games and players. Nowadays, analog versions of our favorite outdoor games (such as soccer, volleyball and hockey) are easy to get. When we sit on our house's sofa or bed, we can play these games. The game on the market is helping people to play these games in a comfortable home. We can compete with players from all over the world Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online.

Move to our focus area, these coins are very important for the game, there are several reasons. You can add new players by exchanging these virtual currencies. You can also buy items from the auction house and can cross new obstacles. Players with plenty of coins have the chance to win the game naturally. If you want to increase the stock, you must collect it in the short term.

In the following discussion, let's discuss some ways to collect fast non-convertible coins and play games in a worry-free manner.

Try the challenge of personal games

Each level of the game has a lot of challenges. They are easy to solve, you can use these challenges to collect a large number of coins. You can play them, win the virtual currency, and compete with the opponent's team.

2. Exchange game token at auction house -

This is one of the best ways to earn coins in the game. At the auction house, you can exchange items for money. Sometimes you can get a lot of unwanted items in the game, so you can sell them in the auction house in exchange for virtual currency.

3. Complete the package -

You can finish a lot of suits in a typical game to win coins. Each level of collection becomes more tough. You need to play carefully, complete these collections and collect points.

4. Help site -

Many sites offer these virtual currencies for players. You only need to create your account on these sites and select the coin you want to purchase. Payment options are available through online banking services. You will get virtual currency as soon as possible.

So these are the four ways to collect fast coins for your game. If you want to compete with your opponent players, outperform you, follow them and become winners.

Butler played regular season games

7. února 2018 v 2:27
After butler announced his retirement, the heat's official twitter message sent a message of congratulations. "congratulations on having a wonderful career and we will remember your excellent performance." Butler's career began in Miami. In the 2002 draft, the heat selected butler in the first round. In 2002-04, butler played for the heat for two seasons NBA Live Coins.

In addition, butler played for the lakers, the wizards, the mavericks, the clippers, the bucks, the thunder, the pistons and the Kings.

Butler, 37, has been in the league for 14 years and has made two all-star appearances and won the championship with the mavericks in 2011. Throughout his career, butler played 881 regular-season games, including 732 starts, averaging 32.2 minutes, handing out 14.1 points, 5.0 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.3 assists.

The super bowl is back in the finals

6. února 2018 v 2:38

The Philadelphia eagles have won the super bowl, which ended in Minneapolis in 2018. In the lead 10 points by the New England patriots in the fourth quarter ahead, el, sends out the important touchdown, brady then came off the ball, the hawks to 33 defeat patriots. The eagles have won the super bowl for the first time, and their quarterback is the MVP of the super bowl.

The New England patriots have won the super bowl five times, most recently in 2017, when they surprised the Atlanta falcons in the super bowl final. This year, the super bowl is back in the finals Madden Coins, and brady will lead the team to defend it. The Philadelphia eagles have won the NFL three times, but they have never won the super bowl since NFL1967, when they started the super bowl as the annual championship. The hawks were defeated twice before in the super bowl. The 2005 super bowl was between the patriots and the hawks, when the patriots narrowly won a 24-21 victory.

Liberia's former AC Milan star

5. února 2018 v 2:29
The influence of football in some countries is included in the political sphere, such as June 1969, El Salvador and Honduras because of football and triggered a war between countries. In the First World War, British and German soldiers, despite the impact of the war, in the Christmas truce in the occupation area line at the football match FIFA Coins. In the era of peace, football games are usually considered by some people and leaders of the country as one of the most direct means of defeating another country. Normally the World Cup and the European Cup will attract a large number of heads of state to watch, and even some heads of state are directly involved Football field.

Liberia's former AC Milan star George Vega, had participated in the Liberian presidential election, and finally only a weak gap. There are many political figures publicly expressed their favorite football, such as China's He Long, Deng Xiaoping, Wen Jiabao even Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao and others. In some countries, especially in Europe and South America, the history of some fan groups even more than a hundred years with the team, and even in a team to breed a similar to the religious fan of different factions, in which they can support some The team's players, team management, may also oppose some management and even the players.

The main interface of the game

3. února 2018 v 2:51
The NBA LIVE hand new version changes a lot, excluding the existence before game 5 sets of the fixed squad, now 2 sets of squad instead, through a different coach NBA Live Mobile Coins to balance the players overall properties, the following is to introduce the latest version of the squad.

The main interface of the game is completely new, the lineup can be viewed directly in the main interface, the total score of the team will be displayed, and the score of each player will be displayed. Squad was divided into two NBA team and classic, the NBA team can participate in online games in the game, season, against, and so on, through the store to buy card package, the synthesis and the auction house to buy players, can increase his team's total score.

The classic lineup is comprised of retired players Cheap NBA Live Coins and coaches in NBA history, and the classic lineup includes a limited number of online events and powerful props.

Maradona used a free kick to assist kania

2. února 2018 v 2:40
On February 17, 1993, Maradona attended the celebrate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the Argentine football association and for the game against Brazil, Maradona was Argentine football association was awarded the best player in the history of Argentina FIFA Coins. On February 24, Maradona scored a crucial penalty in the atmio frankie cup final to help Argentina win the title. In 1994, Maradona led Argentina to the United States World Cup. On June 21, Maradona scored a goal against Greece in Argentina's 4-0 win over Greece. Maradona led Argentina 2-1 to Nigeria on June 25.

In the game, Maradona used a free kick to assist kania. Diego Maradona has led Argentina to two victories, and the champions are revealed. But at that moment, Maradona said the World Cup was regrettable because of a positive drug test. Argentina, which lost Maradona, suffered a setback in the second half of the match and was eliminated in one of the eight games. June 30, the same year: in the United States World Cup anti-doping test, Maradona tested positive for urine, and FIFA decided to ban him from all competitions. On August 23, Maradona was fined $15,500 by FIFA and 15 months of suspension.

Carmelo Anthony and Russell Brooks are spectators

1. února 2018 v 2:48
According to TMZ, the Cavaliers ' star LeBron James appears to have added a new identity. In yesterday's New York Fashion Week, James became a catwalk model.

New York Fashion Week is now underway, it is known that the NBA has a lot of fashionable people, they will not do this fashion festival.

In the photos taken from the scene, LeBron James appeared on the stage in yesterday's event and was "stunning." James is wearing a pair of LeBron 15 on his feet, very cool Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online.

In addition, the NBA Hall of Fame Scott-Pepper in the event as a walking show model, and Pepper is a sports dress up, the foot is wearing a pair of classic Nike Air Pippens.

The event is not only the NBA superstar on the runway runway, but also the stars gathered on the field. It is said that Carmelo Anthony and Russell Brooks are spectators.