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Rockets player Joe Johnson accepted an interview

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Yesterday, the Rockets defeated the Trail Blazers 115-111. After the game, Rockets player Joe Johnson accepted an interview with the reporter and talked about the performance of James Harden.

"It's too hard to guard him," Johnson said. "He's an extremely good player. I don't really know how to guard him. You can't stop him. There are shooters around him. You can Can't radiate hand NBA MT Coins."

"It's difficult, it's really hard. In addition, he's also very good at finishing. This may be the reason he is a top player and he can lead the scoreboard. It's special."

In yesterday's game, Harden played 33 minutes and scored 42 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. Johnson played 15 minutes and got 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal.

Johnson scored 18 points in the two overtimes

Středa v 2:22
The Heat defeated the Nuggets 149-141 in two overtimes at home today, winning two straight victories. In this game, Heat player James Johnson played well, played 46 minutes, 13 shots 17 points and got 31 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists.

Among them, Johnson scored 18 points in the two overtimes.

"The coach arranged the tactics to end the game at the end of the first overtime," Johnson said after the game. "The feeling of shooting since then is there. The teammates are doing very well on the defensive end and their attacking status is also Very good, like Kelly Olynyk, Goran (Drazic), Wayne (Ellington). I also got the chance to open up, and my teammates also found me. I just voted in and I should vote normally NBA MT Coins. Opportunity."

"JJ (James Johnson) can create opportunities without opening. This is what a good leader should do," said Heat coach Eric Spoelstra. "Tonight's game It's very difficult and very difficult.I think we are experiencing more situations than most teams.I think we have become tougher and tougher in these situations.You are waiting for the end of the game You will hopefully get some positive things from this experience, and you will also experience some painful moments."

"We have experienced many such tight matches like this," said Dragic. "I feel very comfortable with this situation. But I think that the audience would very much like to see each time they come here. A wonderful game, and tonight is a long game, two extra hours. But I think we played well."

After the campaign, the Heat ranked third in the Eastern Conference with 38 wins and 33 losses.

The Timberwolves generals launched a counterattack

Úterý v 2:36
All of us here are in the best time of "post-KG era"!

On February 16, the last game day before the All-Star Weekend, the Timberwolves' home goal center was crowded. After the 119-111 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, the Timberwolves were third in the tragic West. The fans shouted and shouted the slogan. [Starting Butler! Basketball Master Opens Champions Way]

Today's target center is no longer boiling and sweet one month ago. The final whistle, 120-129, in the face of strong enemy Houston Rockets, the Timberwolves generals launched a counterattack in the final futility, reverse failure, swallowing bitter fruit.

The Timberwolves fell to the eighth in the Western Conference, only 1.5 wins ahead of the Los Angeles Clippers. Even more terrifying is that after two days they will face up to the challenge of the Los Angeles Clippers. If they can't win, the seats in the playoffs will be more beautiful than the beautiful flowers NBA MT Coins. The fans finally couldn't sit still. They sighed and sighed, and self-doubt: When it was over, we couldn't even make it to the playoffs.

It's not just the Timberwolves' fans who can't sit still. Jimmy Butler, who is recovering from injuries, can't sleep at night. In just one month, the team suffered a major downturn. He knew that his absence was the main reason.

"I am very pleased with the progress of my recovery, because I know that I will be able to come back to fight with my teammates soon." In an interview with reporters, Jimmy Butler could not wait to stand out - he considered returning early.

Fans received on ESPN forecast table

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In 2018, the NCAA tournament has not yet been completed, and there have been a number of matches. So far, fans have been on ESPN, Bleacher Report, Yahoo! The list of predictions submitted by websites such as CBS has been wiped out. The result is largely thanks to the super dark horse, the university of Maryland, Baltimore county (UMBC).

In the first round of the NCAA tournament, the university of Maryland, Baltimore county, 74-54, beat Virginia, the no. 1 seed in the United States. In the history of the NCAA tournament, the seed of no.16 seed was first appeared, 135 times before, and the 16th seed was all defeated.

Fans received on ESPN forecast table, only 3.3% of fans chose the university of Maryland, Baltimore county will eliminate a Virginia promotion, if all platform received forecast table, this number is only 2.18%. You know, 13.73 percent of the fans predicted that Virginia would win, and their exit was unexpected NBA MT Coins.

In fact, only 45.5% of the predictions remained in place after the first round of extra time in Rhode Island, which defeated the university of Oklahoma. The figure was further reduced after the university of loyola in Chicago, with the exception of the university of Miami at the university of loyola, after a three-pointer at the university of Miami. At the university of Maryland, Baltimore county, only 25 predictions remained on the table, but the 25 fans chose Virginia to win. After the game, there was no longer a correct prediction.

In fact, even without the university of Maryland, Baltimore county, it was only a matter of time before all the predictions were made, because the tournament was so cold this year. In the second round, the defending champion, Michigan, north Carolina, the odds-on favorites to win big, Tennessee are turned out, according to ESPN, according to data from the second round of selection of north Carolina advance fans share reached 85.4%, choose big promotion of Michigan fans proportion is 82.1%, choose the Tennessee promotion 64.3% of fans. It's not just the university of Maryland, Baltimore county, Syracuse, Nevada, and lojola, Chicago, which have become "predictive killers."

Lebron will sign with Philadelphia

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The debate over lebron's whereabouts this summer has intensified, but the possibility of a trip to the 76ers seems likely to be greater in recent days than the lakers and rockets that have previously speculated.

According to famed expert bill simmons, the 76ers are more than just a bystander considering their salary space and the current lineup.

"About growing 'lebron to 76' voice is more and more big, there are four reasons: 1.76 people have enough cap space, they can through transactions or contracts or other ways for lebron and other stars, such as Paul George; Ben simmons and Joel embiid are two of the strongest players in the league under the age of 25. 3.Klutch (lebron's agency) has both lebron and simmons clients; In November, there was a rumor that "Philadelphia - lebron" was in contact, and it was getting worse.

"You want a story? How about this: in 2018, lebron will sign with Philadelphia to build his last mini dynasty with embid and simmons. He vowed to fight for another seven years, until he was 40, and claimed it was the last stop of his career. More importantly, he wants to be closer to New York, in order to achieve his goal has always been: be the first to get the $1 billion athletes, fashioned his business empire, finally bought a NBA team NBA MT Coins."

Sparked a Philadelphia may not like Los Angeles, but if they can have a superstar, plus a group of very talented young man, it makes them in career 16 years for the veteran remain attractive.

The rockets is a competitor, but although with Paul, big three is attractive to lebron James harden, but it is more likely that he can only work with harden, unless daryl morey to dividing current squad.

76 portrait is a nearly completed products, have the function that plug and play, it is hard to resist for lebron, unless the knight with the existing team to the finals again, in order to prove himself worthy of the "emperor".

It is worth mentioning that if lebron really killed 76 people, with simmons, his grace than Germany, winton, sarih lineup of height will be between 2.03 and 2.18, the net friend say their infinite dislocation ability can take at least four times.

What determine the playability of the game

16. března 2018 v 3:02
IGN as the world's top game media, has a professional and complete game scoring system. IGN authority and professionalism is one of the best in the industry and IGN editor will review writing games, then give a to add and subtract 0.1 unit, from 0 to 10 points, determine the playability of the game. Scores depend on different factors, such as performance, picture, sound, play, and attractiveness, but the total score is not calculated by these Numbers, but is independent.

The "Imagine Games Network" is a multimedia and commentary site with video, which has grown into the world's largest game entertainment medium Rocket League Items. The parent company is IGN Entertainment (GameSpy, Rotten Tomatoes, AskMen). IGN's main site contains several special pages or "channels", each of which is partitioned on IGN. The relevant channels include: computer games, Wii, Wii U, nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Xbox one, PSP, PSV, PSN, Xbox Live, mobile phone, Retro, iPhone. The IGN channel also includes movies, music, tools, technology, sports, television, and more.

The sheer size of the survivors

15. března 2018 v 2:59
Because this year is the year of the dog, how can the survivors of the ark not keep a lovely wang wang for a good year! What kind of dog can accompany you in the ark world! If you want to find a house in the ark world, and you can go out in groups with your little brother, the animal is the best choice!

Good feed body is moderate, endurance is outstanding, the most important is good support! As long as give turned loose tooth beast to bring some raw meat, it can be through the meat quickly restore life value, special small backpack can also let it become a small a porter, grab a group of these wilderness rogue has many courageous effect more, let your opponent see the power of Numbers Buy ARK Items. If the hyena is a good dog companion, the direwolf is one of your rare tricks! Tall body, underfoot wind! Why would you refuse to go out and choose this handsome, handsome Wolf?

These natural hunters are ferocious and ferocious, and have a strict discipline and hunting instincts, which can produce a great deal of fighting power as long as they form a certain amount. The sheer size of the survivors is an excellent choice for the survivors. Compared to the giant Wolf dog above, this obviously much cute little fellow, but saw it for the first time you are usually can only embrace it shivering, because it is in the ark which is the most dangerous region, distortion! This radiation dog can shine in the dark underworld of the earth, helping you resist the annoying nameless monsters and the terrible underground death! But beware the seeker of the electric light! Lovely and lovely for you to bring the horrible distortion of the underground life bring light! Little angel! Ruffian loyal dog, handsome Wolf, lovely dog! Choose a pet!

George Atkinson was a criminal

14. března 2018 v 2:22
In 1976, Oakland Raiders greatly improved from the back to beat Pittsburgh in the opener of the season 31-28, and continued to cling to the dirty by ringing the reputation of Lynn Swan with a clothesline helmet for two weeks. Al Davis later tried to sue Steelers coach Chuck Noel's slander, the latter said that George Atkinson was a criminal. The Commando won 13 regular-season games and 21-17 in the playoffs to defeat New England NFL Coins. In the last two minutes the Patriots rose three points, the referee Ben Dreith in New England's "Sugar Bear" was called Rough Road, Hamilton after he hit Auckland QB Ken Stubler. The commando made a touchdown in the last minute. Then they beat the AFC Tournament Steelers 24-7 and entered the second Super Bowl. In the Super Bowl XI, Auckland's opponent is the Minnesota Vikings, which is a team that lost three Super Bowls.
The commando jumped out of the early lead and led by 16-0 in the half. Finally, to force Minnesota multiple mistakes, the commandos first team after the merger won 32-14 wins. The opponent is the Minnesota Vikings, a team lost three super bowls. The commando jumped out of the early lead and led by 16-0 in the half. Finally, to force Minnesota multiple mistakes, the commandos first team after the merger won 32-14 wins. The opponent is the Minnesota Vikings, a team lost three super bowls. The commando jumped out of the early lead and led by 16-0 in the half. Finally, to force Minnesota multiple mistakes, the commandos first team after the merger won 32-14 wins.
In the next season saw the Oakland Raiders finished 11-3, but they lost the division title to the Denver Broncos. They settled a pass card, in the history of the NFL for the second time in the overtime beat the Colts, and to "ghost" features. However, the commandos in the AFC championship in the wild horse team. In the 1978 preseason, Patriot WR Darryl Stingley was injured and killed by attackers FS Jack Tatum. Although the 1978 Oakland Raiders resort in the 9-7 victory record, but since 1971, they missed the playoffs for the first time, lost the key game, so missed the playoffs.

Discussion of Xbox One X optimization

13. března 2018 v 2:57
"The ARK: Survival evolution ARK: Survival" development team Studio Wildcard Studio producer Jeremy Stieglitz walked into Microsoft's "in-depth discussion of Xbox One X optimization" series of themed events ARK Items. In the form of questions and answers, we introduced the XboxOne X optimization details and their views on the XboxOne X development environment and 4K HDR technology.

What special optimization did your team do for the Xbox One X version of the ark: evolution?

In the Xbox One X on us as the ark: survival evolution "image detail mode" option has been added, in this mode the game resolution up to 1440 p, and provides the optimal picture resolution. These options include long distance shadows, higher quality textures, volume cloud effects, dynamic weather systems, and atomization effects. At the same time, the game also added the "HDR mode" option. Players can experience amazing and rich lighting effects on HDR devices. In terms of gaming experience, thanks to the powerful memory of Xbox One X, we removed the "proximity restrictions" that had previously been enforced in split screen mode. The speed of the game was increased, and the number of Xbox One X consoles increased from 50 to 70.

The league's most valuable player

12. března 2018 v 3:23
Pele's technology and smart touch and scoring ability were praised by the world. His most unique personal skills is "flip hook". October 2, 1974, he retired from the Brazilian football team, he joined the North American Football League New York Cosmos. It was reported that seven million three-year contracts made him the highest paid soccer player in the North American Football League.

In his three seasons he was involved in the New York universe, he was on the top of the league's first team (11 of the best players in a season). In 1976, he was named "the league's most valuable player." His three-year contract means that Pele must play in the North American Football League regular tournament, and to visit the world for many exhibitions. During that three years he visited China, Japan, Sweden, Bermuda and Uganda FIFA Coins. In his last year of his career, the New York Cosmos won the 1977 league championship. In that season, Brazil Carlos Alberto and the "football emperor," said Franz Beckenbauer joined the team of Pele.

A friendly match in 1977 was the last time in his career, when the Giants Stadium was full of fans and the team was his club - Santos. The first half of his team in the New York universe, while the second half is to join the Santos team. The tickets for this show were sold out six weeks before the start of the race. After his official retirement in 1977, he also occasionally helped the New York Cosmos in a friendly match. As the attendance rate fell, the New York universe tried to hold a second decommissioning ceremony for Pele, but he refused.

Ronaldo created a lot of records

9. března 2018 v 3:29
Ronaldo lost again. When Cannavaro announced the 2012 Golden Globe winner for Messi, the first time the TV swept the lens to the Ronaldo, Portugal star face expressionless, quietly watching Messi for the fourth time on the stage to receive gold The prize of the prize FIFA Coins. Ronaldo after the game did not have this statement, but many media skeptical sound has been one after another, why is Messi? 2012 Ronaldo achievement is not bad, not only a lot of goals, but also created a lot of records, more critical Ronaldo also from the hands of Messi won the La Liga champion.

Messi in 2012 the biggest achievement is a single scored 91 goals, the club's honor is only gold is not high King's Cup, the national team did not participate in large-scale events, Ronaldo again with the Golden Globe missed a bit "injustice." In the past 2012, whether it is the club or the national team, Ronaldo have made fantastic results, Real Madrid [microblogging] won the four years away from the league title, the Spanish Super Cup is by his own power to beat Barcelona [microblogging] Won the championship, even has been criticized the Portuguese national team also led by Ronaldo under the European Cup semi-finals, and ultimately only stop at the penalty shootout, the Champions League also scored the top four, and only the Champions League The results of Messi Barcelona was barely tied with Ronaldo.

In the direct confrontation with Messi, Ronaldo was not at a disadvantage. Last season, the first 35 rounds of Real Madrid, Real Madrid with 4 points advantage into the Nou Camp, the Portuguese star with the lore for Real Madrid won the final foundation, on the contrary Messi played is mediocre. In the first leg of the new season clash, Messi fire full, scored two goals, but Ronaldo industry did not show weakness, but also with two goals to help Real Madrid from Nou Camp back to a point.

The survival and evolution of the ark

7. března 2018 v 2:49
How much did the ark evolve? As a can and primitive dinosaur intimate contact of the game, the ark, the player can tame the dinosaur in the game is very has the sense of achievement, the most important thing is, the game can also with friends online to find the beauty of the world. But for many players, for the first time contact the ark is brought about by the cracked version with some kind of learning patch, but cracked versions in the game and can't and friends online, so want to implement the game more features also could be attained only by buying. Here are the purchase methods and price introduction for the survival and evolution of the ark.

Use alipay to buy Steam games Cheap ARK Items. Please note the following points :(very important)

1 【 10 million 】 don't buy games with VPN, try not to buy from taobao.

Use a web page to purchase and use the computer as much as possible.

The main point of this is: it turns out that paying with mobile App alipay wallet is 100% tragic. If you use the desktop Steam client payment, you can't jump to alipay. So be sure to use a web version of Steam for purchasing. Even if you have to pay by phone or tablet, make sure you buy it with a web page.

3. It is recommended to pay the alipay first, and then pay the payment directly with alipay balance.

Steam's support for alipay is not very stable, so it should be as short as possible. Using alipay balance payments is the best option. The payment page can be recharged according to the price, and then the payment page will be refreshed. The process of recharging to alipay is not a deal with Steam, so you can safely use your mobile phone to recharge your wallet. The entire payment process (apart from the recharge to alipay, and alipay's login and mobile phone), do not use mobile phone alipay for other operations.

If McKee joins the Clippers

6. března 2018 v 3:06
According to ESPN famous journalist Werner Rawski, free agent Jamal - McKee will meet with the Clippers in the United States today, but he is still in close contact with the Warriors, is still expected to return to the Warriors.

Will McGee stay in the Warriors? Speaking of McKee, people will think of that before the "God", often take his "behavior" to ridicule, but last season McKee's performance in the Warriors remarkable, progress is obvious, he became the championship center, Worth also soared NBA MT Coins. After becoming a free agent, McKee is also thinking about the next stop of his career, according to informed sources, McKee will meet with the Clippers today, but he is still frequent exchanges with the Warriors, may still return to the Warriors.

But the problem is that the warrior is limited, although Kevin Durant chose a pay cut, but in the library signed a $ 201 million contract, Iguodala signed a three-year $ 48 million contract and Livingston signed 3 years after the 24 million US dollars contract, the Warriors new season salary has been far more than the Union salary cap. In this case, McKee also willing to make a salary sacrifice, it became a big unknown, last year, McKee in order to play, in order to championship, and the Warriors signed a year base salary contract.

McKee in the summer by including the Clippers, the sun and the Heat of the pursuit, he will choose to leave the Warriors, worthy of attention. And if McKee joins the Clippers, he will improve the depth of the team's bench, and can become a small Jordan and Griffin behind the effective helper, Chris Paul was traded to the rocket, the Clippers as much as possible to make up Strong lineup, with a view to maintaining the competitiveness in the west.

Most authoritative game testing laboratory

5. března 2018 v 2:16
Based on GameSpot would itself and CNET international media group, the partner database resources, establish relationship GameSpot would have the largest most comprehensive library of game products, involving 11 big cover platform (PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, GC, GBA, NDS, the Wii and mobile phones) more than 4500 games Rocket League Crates. GameSpot would assigned laboratory is the most professional, most authoritative game testing laboratory, one of the units, such as the press and publication administration department of the People's Republic of China, GameSpot would have to bear the game base magazine in mainland China to introduce the review of the game, is China's only a few have the right to introduce the game to review the media.

GameSpot would establish relationship as a game in China is in a leading position in the industry of the website, mainly has the following ten big advantage: GameSpot would have IT media is the world's giant CNET international media group in China's website, belonging to CNET China digital entertainment group. Relying on the powerful media resources and experience support of CNET group, GameSpot has always enjoyed a high reputation in the industry since its establishment in 2000. Also in the digital entertainment group with GameSpot Chinese is "game base" magazine, which ranks third in the Chinese computer game print media.

Monster Truck Soccer is also full of wild stuff

2. března 2018 v 2:50
When it comes to the popular console games of 2015, Psyonix's rocket league is definitely on the list. The game not only has excellent picture performance and physical feedback, but also integrated into the car, the ball two elements of the play reflects the full creativity Rocket League Keys. According to Forbes, "the rocket league" has racked up more than $110 million in revenue and has sold more than six million copies, and is still setting a new record.

While some hand play home wondering Psyonix will make mobile version for the game, this is really a called intuitive computers developers launched a similar "rocket" game on mobile phones. The game is called Monster Truck Soccer. Monster Truck Soccer is also full of wild stuff, so what does it look like compared to the rocket league?

The answer is: no! I don't know which eyeball media found this game out of the vast mobile game army. But then again, the game models, rules, and scenes of Monster Truck Soccer have a certain degree of similarity to the rocket league. In the game, players have to control all kinds of big feet to start the football match Rocket League Items. Of course, the other party will fight you all the time. But unlike the rocket league, there are no flashy moves and props. The game's build model and physical feedback are pretty bad; Players can only compete with computers.

The relevant person in charge of game

1. března 2018 v 3:27
The rocket league will join the open box system. The box contains only decorative items.

Many players are now addicted to open box systems in the game, with CS:GO the most popular. At present, the open box system is generally divided into two kinds, one is random drop free opening Rocket League Crates, the other is the random drop in the later period requires the player to purchase the relevant key unlock, "CS:GO" belongs to the latter. Recently, the Rocket League, which has been a huge success, will also have to join the system.

Recently, the relevant person in charge of game developers Psyonix in Reddit confirmed the news on BBS and the system has made the explanation: the new box contains only decorative items, not including the item allows players to gain advantage. If the player doesn't want to see this item, it can be hidden in the game, and the drop of the box will not affect the drop chance of the original item. The drop boxes will not be added to the Steam market, and developers have noted the negative effects of third-party gambling on the skin system.