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Embiid is the core figure of the 76ers

7. dubna 2018 v 9:19
The NBA regular season is nearing the end. The American authoritative media player Kevin Pelton has made predictions on the best defensive lineup and best defensive player. Let's take a look at his point.

The best defensive lineup:

Dezhang Tai - Murray: Murray crowded out Tony Parker and became the starting point guard for the Spurs. This is why the Spurs can maintain their top defense in the absence of Cowan-Leonard. With Murray on the court, the Spurs lost 97.2 points per 100 possessions. And Murray's backcourt rebounding ability NBA MT Coins is also strong. The Spurs have an 80% chance to save the backcourt. Murray is tall and has a wingspan of 2.06 meters. When he plays with Mills, he can effectively participate in defense and complete the task of defending the pick and roll.

Andre Robson: Robson's appearances were limited because of a broken knee, but Robertson's defensive value was recognized. Robson's true defensive contribution is as high as +4.6, which is the number one among the defenders. When Robson was on the court, the team's perimeter defense was better. Robson was the only defender who could send at least 2 steals per 100 possessions and the 2-point coverage was over 3%. The league can do this. Only 5 people. So if Robertson was there, he would liberate George.

Robert Coventon: Although Embiid is the core figure of the 76ers who played in the league's top-five defensive team, Covington's outside defense is strong. When Covington was alone on the court, the defensive efficiency reached 101.2, which was higher than that of Enid (104.2). Coventon can interfere with 4.4 passes per 36 minutes. He can also defend three positions, which is why the 76ers like to dislocate.

Draymond Green: Green's state is not very stable this season. His 36 minutes interfered opponents pass from 4.3 times last season to 3.3 times this season, but even so, Green is still the best defense in the league. One of the power forwards. And he will be better in the postseason. He is also a good guardian of the rim.

Rudy Gobert: The injury of Embiid made Gobert hardly think of a second person in this position. Gobert's defensive ability this season is evident, he ranked third in the league in limiting the opponent's field goal percentage. But when Gobert was away, the Jazz immediately fell to 12th place. And when Gobert was on the court, the Jazz had a defensive efficiency rating of 98.1, ranked first in the league, and Gobert's true defensive contribution reached 5.5, still the league's first.

The MT ratio is very unstable

6. dubna 2018 v 4:07
The "MTA mode" in NBA2K17 is the most common with us, so the player selection in this game is very important. We have brought you the NBA 2K17 MT player recommendation and analysis guide for each position today. We analyze the players in each position in detail and let Some novice players have less detours and teach you to match the most cost-effective team with the least amount of money.

With the behavior of the MT of 2K generations, the update cycle starts from the first wave of garbage cards in September of each year, and stops updating after the end of the annual finals NBA MT Coins. I remember the last card in 2K15 was FMVP Iguodala, 2K16 was James FMVP 99, and I believe 2K17 is the same (I hope it was Curry).

I mainly play on the PC. Because the MT ratio is very unstable, I will convert the high-level card into RMB to estimate the price. This article will recommend players for players from several perspectives, different colors, different prices, and different styles of play.

American football is a kind of confrontational sport

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American football is a kind of rugby sport. The most popular sport in the United States is the first of the four professional sports in North America. American football originated from rugby. After entering the United States, the rules changed. Instead, the offensive and defensive lines were used for turn-based scrimmage, there were no restrictions on running, and the ball could be thrown forward. The purpose of this sport was to push the ball to the opponent. There are several ways to score points in the end zone, including holding the ball past the baseline, dropping the ball to the teammate behind the baseline, or kicking the ball NFL Coins directly on the ground through two goal posts. The team that scored more at the end of the match time won.

American football is a kind of confrontational sport with strong confrontation. Because the ball often has a strong physical collision with the other player, the player must wear a helmet and protective gear to play. The history of American football originated from various early "soccer-like" sports that Britain popularized in public schools in the middle of the 19th century. It evolved directly from rugby. Rugby was first introduced to North America by the British Army at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. The first intercollegiate football game was held on November 6, 1869, from Rutgers University in New Jersey to Princeton University. In the final match, Rutgers defeated Princeton by 6:4 despite the fact that there were 25 people playing against each other. There is not much like modern American football.

Cristiano Ronaldo completed a sensational barrage shot

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On April 4th, in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Real Madrid played against Juventus and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo completed a sensational barrage shot and broke the gate guarded by legendary goalkeeper Buffon. C Ronaldo's goal has conquered everyone, including the Cavs leader LeBron James.

After seeing Ronaldo's upside down gold hook, James exposed a momentary photo of Ronaldo's barb in the air on the IG, and wrote, "You are all happy? This is too unfair. Horror!"

Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James are both superstars in their respective fields NBA MT Coins, and they are often compared by the outside world.

LeBron has terrible physical qualities and comprehensive basketball skills. Ronaldo is also on the football field and they all ruled in their respective fields for many years. Although they are all in their early thirties, neither James nor Ronaldo still Maintaining the pinnacle of a sports career is an incredible place.

James' exposure of Ronaldo's photo today is heroic and heroic.

The Thunder will be the second team

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On April 3, according to reports from the US media, the Warriors FMVP Kevin Durant said in an interview recently that it should be James Harden who will be the regular season MVP this year.

"It's his turn (Harden)." Durant said, "Move him directly to MVP. It's time for him to win MVP."

Durant is the 2014 regular season MVP, Russell - Westbrook was last season's regular season MVP, if Harden becomes the regular season MVP this year, then the Thunder three have won MVP NBA MT Coins.

By then, the Thunder will be the second team in the past 30 years to have 3 MVPs (past, present and future).

The first such team was the Los Angeles Lakers in 2003-04. They owned O'Neal, Bryant and Karl Malone. Both O'Neal and Malone had MVPs at the time, and Bryant was the 2008 regular season MVP.

In fact, Durant guessed the Lakers. "I want to say the Lakers, but I feel they only have Shaq and Kobe," he said.

When he was told that there was Malone, Durant said: "Oh, that can't really count."

"I wouldn't sit here and say, I once foresee that we all three people will become MVP, I will not see James (Harden) said: 'Hey, he will one day become MVP.' But I know we will all become this A very good player in the league," Durant said.

In fact, Harden was a big hit in the regular season MVP in 2015 and 2017, but he lost to Curry and Wei Shao respectively. Durant shares this feeling.

"Before I became MVP in 2014, I also thought I should be able to become an MVP twice, but you have to wait for your time. There are some players in this league that play very well, so it is not easy to win MVP." He said.

The Rockets have twelve assists in this game

2. dubna 2018 v 3:25
On April 2, the Houston Rockets lost 83 to 100 to the San Antonio Spurs, and the 11-game winning streak ended. The Rockets team tonight a number of data to create the worst record of the season, the Spurs devil home battle to make Houston lose some helplessness.

The Rockets scored 83 points in the entire game, which is their lowest score in a single game this season. In the previous game against the Grizzlies, they scored 89 points and lost the game NBA MT Coins. In addition, the Rockets shot a total of 77 shots today, hitting only 26 goals and shooting as low as 33.8%. This is the worst game the team feels this season.

In addition, the Rockets have only 12 assists in this game, setting a record low this season. To know that the Rockets can send 21.8 times per game this season, there is still a certain gap between the performance of the Rockets and the normal level. More importantly, the rocket, which has always been called the "three-point battalion," has lost sight on the three-point line today. The audience hit a total of 7 three-pointers, and even the team's long shot in the first quarter of the game did not have a hit. This season, the Rockets averaged 15.5 points per game and ranked first in the league.