Embiid is the core figure of the 76ers

7. dubna 2018 v 9:19
The NBA regular season is nearing the end. The American authoritative media player Kevin Pelton has made predictions on the best defensive lineup and best defensive player. Let's take a look at his point.

The best defensive lineup:

Dezhang Tai - Murray: Murray crowded out Tony Parker and became the starting point guard for the Spurs. This is why the Spurs can maintain their top defense in the absence of Cowan-Leonard. With Murray on the court, the Spurs lost 97.2 points per 100 possessions. And Murray's backcourt rebounding ability NBA MT Coins is also strong. The Spurs have an 80% chance to save the backcourt. Murray is tall and has a wingspan of 2.06 meters. When he plays with Mills, he can effectively participate in defense and complete the task of defending the pick and roll.

Andre Robson: Robson's appearances were limited because of a broken knee, but Robertson's defensive value was recognized. Robson's true defensive contribution is as high as +4.6, which is the number one among the defenders. When Robson was on the court, the team's perimeter defense was better. Robson was the only defender who could send at least 2 steals per 100 possessions and the 2-point coverage was over 3%. The league can do this. Only 5 people. So if Robertson was there, he would liberate George.

Robert Coventon: Although Embiid is the core figure of the 76ers who played in the league's top-five defensive team, Covington's outside defense is strong. When Covington was alone on the court, the defensive efficiency reached 101.2, which was higher than that of Enid (104.2). Coventon can interfere with 4.4 passes per 36 minutes. He can also defend three positions, which is why the 76ers like to dislocate.

Draymond Green: Green's state is not very stable this season. His 36 minutes interfered opponents pass from 4.3 times last season to 3.3 times this season, but even so, Green is still the best defense in the league. One of the power forwards. And he will be better in the postseason. He is also a good guardian of the rim.

Rudy Gobert: The injury of Embiid made Gobert hardly think of a second person in this position. Gobert's defensive ability this season is evident, he ranked third in the league in limiting the opponent's field goal percentage. But when Gobert was away, the Jazz immediately fell to 12th place. And when Gobert was on the court, the Jazz had a defensive efficiency rating of 98.1, ranked first in the league, and Gobert's true defensive contribution reached 5.5, still the league's first.

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