The Thunder will be the second team

3. dubna 2018 v 3:27
On April 3, according to reports from the US media, the Warriors FMVP Kevin Durant said in an interview recently that it should be James Harden who will be the regular season MVP this year.

"It's his turn (Harden)." Durant said, "Move him directly to MVP. It's time for him to win MVP."

Durant is the 2014 regular season MVP, Russell - Westbrook was last season's regular season MVP, if Harden becomes the regular season MVP this year, then the Thunder three have won MVP NBA MT Coins.

By then, the Thunder will be the second team in the past 30 years to have 3 MVPs (past, present and future).

The first such team was the Los Angeles Lakers in 2003-04. They owned O'Neal, Bryant and Karl Malone. Both O'Neal and Malone had MVPs at the time, and Bryant was the 2008 regular season MVP.

In fact, Durant guessed the Lakers. "I want to say the Lakers, but I feel they only have Shaq and Kobe," he said.

When he was told that there was Malone, Durant said: "Oh, that can't really count."

"I wouldn't sit here and say, I once foresee that we all three people will become MVP, I will not see James (Harden) said: 'Hey, he will one day become MVP.' But I know we will all become this A very good player in the league," Durant said.

In fact, Harden was a big hit in the regular season MVP in 2015 and 2017, but he lost to Curry and Wei Shao respectively. Durant shares this feeling.

"Before I became MVP in 2014, I also thought I should be able to become an MVP twice, but you have to wait for your time. There are some players in this league that play very well, so it is not easy to win MVP." He said.

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